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We specialize in modern interior designs and renovation with great after sales services.

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We specialize in modern interior designs and renovation with great after sales services.

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TSEC conducts engineering and construction marketing as well as civil, anti termite, electrical, mechanical, welding, plumbing, CCTV Installation, laboratory medical equipment, cleaner, interior design, fire prevention system, water pump system, sewerage, interior design, carpenter, land reclamation andinformation technology consulting.

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Outstanding performance

We are thoroughly impressed with the renovation results. Their team exhibited professionalism, expertise and a commitment to delivering quality work. The project was completed close to the estimated timeline. The team arrived on time, kept the worksite clean and organized. they transformed our space into exactly what we had envisioned. Thank you.

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We are very satisfied with the work carried out to upgrade our Electric Distribution Box and termination and testing in order to allow further electrical appliances to be installed and used safely with current appliances. The communication was excellent for assessing our requirements and very helpful to gain access. We were also impressed with the timely completion of the work with regular updates. Look forward to further upgrade opportunities in the future. Highly recommended.

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 by Muhammad Shaharizan Abu Talip on Teras Sepadu Engineering & Construction (002591670-P)
Installation Air Cond

The best service installation and added up value after service

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